Interesting places to visit nearby

Sint Carolus Church - Doomkerke

Brandstraat 22 - 8755 Ruiselede-Doomkerke

The church of St. Carolus Borromeus built in 1865 is one of the most magnificent neo gothic eclectic examples in the region. It marked the start of a new, since 1976 protected village centre near the district called “Het haantje”, complete with vicarage, churchyard and school complex. The priest Carolus Dooms was the founder and inspiration of this project which expenses were made from his own pocket. Hence the parish was named after him: Doomkerke. Most furniture in the church is signed and dated by their donor or maker. The exterior was entirely restored in 2012.

Pub New York Sint - Doomkerke

Brandstraat 57 - 8755 Ruiselede-Doomkerke

Across the church, you can find pub 'New York'. Ask Rita - who runs the place - to show you her collection beer mats and the story about the immigrants buying a ticket for 'The Red Starline' late 19 th - eary 20 th century. The pub is owned by her family for more than 100 years.

Landschapspark Disveld - Doomkerke

The landscape park behind the church is a nice place for a walk or a romantic place for picnic.

Jazzclub Banana Peel ( 5 km )

Akkerweg - 8755 Ruiselede -

Banana Peel was founded in 1966. It is a mini theatre for jazz and blues. Foreign bands like Dana Gillespie & London All Stars perform regularly. A monthly magazine is issued. Grabbing a concert is a must.

Provinciedomein Bulskampveld (Beernem)

The Provincial Domain Bulskampveld is situated at 8 km from “Droomkerke”.
The domain consists of 300 hectares of woods, meadows, fields and moor souvenirs. Walkers can either follow one of the many paths or join the monthly nature walk departing from the castle.
The educational nature path Sint Amandus leads you over natural corduroy-roads through exceptional sceneries of swamps, moors and meadows. If you want to see the castle park you best take the park route where you can enjoy a tasteful snack after having visited the spice garden, poultry-yard, museum of agriculture and playground near the huge play and lounge area.