The Parochieveldroute (parish field route – 8,5 km) explores the woody surroundings of Ruiselede in the borderland of the provinces West and East Flanders. Leaving the centre of Doomkerke you stroll along quiet paths to the nature reserve “De Vorte Bossen”. Through the “parochieveld” (parish field), the municipal wood domain you take direction Wingene and have a glimpse at the ancient “Sint Pietersveld”.
Location: start at the church of Ruiselede

The Provincial Domain Bulskampveld is situated at 8 km from “Droomkerke”.
The domain consists of 300 hectares of woods, meadows, fields and moor souvenirs. Walkers can either follow one of the many paths or join the monthly nature walk departing from the castle.
The educational nature path Sint Amandus leads you over natural corduroy-roads through exceptional sceneries of swamps, moors and meadows. If you want to see the castle park you best take the park route where you can enjoy a tasteful snack after having visited the spice garden, poultry-yard, museum of agriculture and playground near the huge play and lounge area.